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Tue Apr 3 17:59:16 BST 2012

* Paul Johnson <baloo at ursamundi.org> [2012-04-03 08:59 -0700]:
> That just reminded me... Chicago and Tulsa have city routes.

I'm planning on looking at city routes after we sort out county routes.

> And these edge cases (city routes and state secondary/supplemental
> routes, especially oddball (Oregon) and extreme (Texas) cases) make for
> great prepwork to render cycleway network trailblazers (which tend
> towards obscenely diverse in much of the US).

Rendering cycleway shields is a long-term idea I'd like to do.  (I hadn't
really been thinking about them until some point after I started working
on the highway shields when I went hiking along part of the Northern
Central Railroad Trail and saw that not only was it part of the East Coast
Greenway, the East Coast Greenway had its own marker shield.)

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