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Thu Apr 5 13:14:24 BST 2012

* Minh Nguyen <mxn at 1ec5.org> [2012-04-04 11:54 -0700]:
> More requests: in addition to its circular-shield state highway
> system, Kentucky also has an ad-hoc "parkway" network. [1] At least
> some of them are tagged `network=US:KY:Parkway` with a shield URL in
> `symbol`.

The Kentucky Parkways are on our TODO list.  I put them off initially
because not all of them have public domain SVGs on Wikipedia, so we'll
have to find appropriate reference images and make our own.

> Unfortunately, Kentucky has made these highways' shield designs more
> and more intricate over the years, most recently for the state's
> "Unbridled Spirit" tourism campaign, to the point that they're more
> appropriate as entire guide signs than shields. I know you prefer to
> keep true to the official signage, but the various shields are
> simply illegible at the current size.

So I see.  The old signs looked different enough that if you knew them
you'd probably be able to tell them apart even if you couldn't read the
tiny text.  The new ones look like they're too similar for that.

New York's parkways have a similar problem with legibility.  One of my
plans for dealing with them is to use larger shield images at high zoom
levels.  Kentucky's parkways would probably benefit from this approach as

> Adding to the mess, the AA Highway is a special case that I *think*
> belongs in `network=US:KY` as `ref=AA`. It'd be nice to get that shield
> on the map, too.

I've made a note of that in the TODO.  It won't render until we make
images for its and the other parkways' shields.

> Finally, I just added `network=US:OH` and `symbol` to the Ohio
> Turnpike, à la Pennsylvania.

And there it is:

(It wasn't rendering before because the cluster script hadn't created a
cluster for it yet.  I forced that through.)  There's no shield for I-76
because it's tagged as ref=I 76.

Also, the rendering doesn't use the symbol URL.  It's not bad to tag it,
of course, since it's potentially useful information, but it won't affect
our rendering one way or another.

> Looks like the Indiana Toll Road has no relation yet.

That's fine.  We don't have a shield for it yet either.  :)

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