[Talk-us] Highway Shield Rendering

Minh Nguyen mxn at 1ec5.org
Fri Apr 6 04:56:17 BST 2012

Ngày 2012-04-05 5:46 AM, Phil! Gold viết:
> * Phil! Gold <phil_g at pobox.com> [2012-04-05 08:14 -0400]:
>> * Minh Nguyen <mxn at 1ec5.org> [2012-04-04 11:54 -0700]:
>>> Looks like the Indiana Toll Road has no relation yet.
>> That's fine.  We don't have a shield for it yet either.  :)
> Ah.  And that's because my visit to Wikipedia left me unsure what the
> current design for the Toll Road's shield was.  Any pointers would be
> appreciated.

As of a few years ago, it was a green circle with two Indianas. [1] The 
orange logo was introduced in 2007, but I don't know if they've started 
to use it in signage or just the toll plazas.

[1] http://www.billburmaster.com/rmsandw/indiana/misc/images/intoll90ina.jpg

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