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Minh Nguyen mxn at 1ec5.org
Fri Apr 6 06:17:59 BST 2012

Ngày 2012-04-05 5:14 AM, Phil! Gold viết:
> * Minh Nguyen <mxn at 1ec5.org> [2012-04-04 11:54 -0700]:
>> More requests: in addition to its circular-shield state highway
>> system, Kentucky also has an ad-hoc "parkway" network. [1] At least
>> some of them are tagged `network=US:KY:Parkway` with a shield URL in
>> `symbol`.
> The Kentucky Parkways are on our TODO list.  I put them off initially
> because not all of them have public domain SVGs on Wikipedia, so we'll
> have to find appropriate reference images and make our own.

The shields incorporate Kentucky's trademarked (and presumably 
copyrighted) "Unbridged Spirit" logo. You can get a vector version from 
the state's website:


Otherwise, I'd suggest just using standard italic text.

>> Adding to the mess, the AA Highway is a special case that I *think*
>> belongs in `network=US:KY` as `ref=AA`. It'd be nice to get that shield
>> on the map, too.
> I've made a note of that in the TODO.  It won't render until we make
> images for its and the other parkways' shields.

Thankfully, this one didn't get rebranded:


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