[Talk-us] Network tag Re: Highway Shield Rendering

Craig Hinners craig at hinnerspace.com
Sun Apr 8 15:27:53 BST 2012

Chris Lawrence <lordsutch at gmail.com>:
> modifier=* would represent MUTCD-type banners attached to the shield

This is the first I've heard of this tag. I don't recall it being
discussed when we were hashing ideas around on this last summer. (Not
that that is reason to discount it.)

But what came out of that discussion was the following guidance: "ref"
will store "the unique identifier within a particular classification",
where "particular classification" is stored wholly in the "network" tag.

So, "network=US:US:Business"/"ref=13" and "network=US:US:Truck"/"ref=70"
both conform to that definition.
"network=US:US"/"modifier=Business"/"ref=13" does not.

Are "US:US:Business" and "US:US:Truck" "true" networks? Perhaps not.
Would it be "correcter" to separate "truck" and "business" into other
tags? Perhaps. Is storing "business" and "truck" within the "network"
tag causing confusion for data consumers and not a workable solution?
Doesn't look like it from the proof of concept renderer posted on here.

Chris Lawrence <lordsutch at gmail.com>:
> That said it may be easier to combine modifiers/banners into the
> network as subtypes. Renderers can fallback to the longest
> left-anchored substring they understand for weird things they don't
> understand.
> Whatever folks want to do (including modifier -> banner)
> would be fine with me; it's not like there are thousands of relations
> that would need to be changed to the consensus that emerges.

Agreed...good points.

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