[Talk-us] tagging cul-de-sacs

Peter Dobratz peter at dobratz.us
Tue Apr 10 14:46:00 BST 2012

I'm experimenting with the Java code from Traveling Salesman


I'm making library calls to the routing code and it seems that the
router does not understand cul-de-sacs mapped as a single
self-intersecting way. This got me thinking about different ways to
possibly map cul-de-sacs.  I generally use Way with
highway=residential or highway=unclassified.  At the end of the road
there is a loop that intersects the same Way.  Here is one that I
recently mapped:


Is this how people generally map these things?

One other possibility that I could think of was splitting the circular
part at the end and tagging it junction=roundabout.  However, this
would imply that the road is one-way, and I'm not sure that that is
the case.  Typically there is no one way sign on the ground and people
feel free to travel in either direction on these (though being a
cul-de-sac they don't have a lot of traffic).


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