[Talk-us] importing bus stops

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Wed Apr 11 05:52:28 BST 2012

> From: Martijn van Exel [mailto:mvexel at gmail.com]
> Subject: [Talk-us] importing bus stops
> Hi,
> Anyone here with experience importing bus stops? Any particular
> considerations?
> To make it more concrete, I have permission to import all UTA stops.
> They come in a shapefile similar to the one available for download here:
> http://gis.utah.gov/sgid-vector-download/utah-sgid-vector-gis-data-
> layer-download-index?fc=BusStops_UTA
> (That particular set of files is out of date, though)
> There's a number of properties that would map to OSM nodes pretty
> nicely:
> MAILBOX -> create a separate node amenity= LIGHT -> lit=yes SHELTER ->
> shelter=yes BENCH -> bench=yes (?)

Unfortunately, all of these attributes are null.

> I was planning to just use what I know which is highway=bus_stop for the
> bus stops, and railway=tram_stop for the light rail stops. 

What differentiates them in the shapefile? I don't know the area so I don't
know where there are any light rail stops

> To get back on topic, if anyone wants to help out devise a mapping from
> UTA stops file to OSM, I'd welcome some help. I've never done a local
> import before, and I'm not a particularly big fan of imports, so I want
> to proceed with caution.

I threw together a draft translation file at

To go farther, a local would need to provide some knowledge.

1. Are there unique ref numbers on the stops? Every bus stop here has a
unique ID on its sign. If so, do these correspond to LOCATIONID?

2. What are the names of some bus stops? If they're named by the street
they're on and the cross-street it should be possible to construct a name
from the shapefile for each stop. (e.g. northbound far side 1st ave and main

3. The shapefile appears to have address data for each stop. Should the
addr:*=* information be added?

I also noticed a couple of other things when looking at the data.

The spatial accuracy is decent. Some stops are a few meters off and on the
road, not the sidewalk, but they're all near the shelters that I can see.

Conflating this data with the existing data will be the hard part. If there
hasn't been too much manual mapping of bus stops this could be done by hand.
If there has, then you need to look at how to conflate the data.

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