[Talk-us] Network tag Re: Highway Shield Rendering

Phil! Gold phil_g at pobox.com
Wed Apr 11 19:47:49 BST 2012

* Craig Hinners <craig at hinnerspace.com> [2012-04-08 07:07 -0700]:
> Phil! Gold <phil_g at pobox.com>:
> > It seems to me that network=US:US:Business:MD is the logical extension of
> > a scheme that has US:US and US:US:Business.
> My initial reaction is that this goes too far in mixing geographic,
> classification, and rendering concepts, which has a bad smell

I plan on experimenting with basing some rendering decisions on the is_in
tag, which should work for Maryland's US business routes (assuming it
works at all; is_in values aren't really standardized).

From what I've read, all US highways in California should get similar
treatment, in that they're signed with different shields than the standard
ones.  Are there other regional sign variants for broader road networks in
the US (or elsewhere)?

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