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The exchange between Frank Cox and others about importing data is a 
perfect example of an ongoing problem with this list: Many of the 
discussions and "answers" are simply too GIS geeky for the vast 
majority of us.
Frank asked for a simple "do x then do y" kind of explanation. 
Several members replied, but no one but Paul Norman tried to give him 
that kind of answer. Unfortunately, Paul's answer contained a lot of 
GIS technical language. Obviously, he's very knowlegeable, but he 
didn't put the explanation at a level where Frank and the rest ofus 
could understand it.
That's why reading the list often is frustrating. There's a lot of 
talk about technical issues and minutiae, but little guidance for 
those of us who just want to map using Potlatch 2, which is most of 
us. (By the way, what is a "network," and where is it in Potlatch 
coding?) Also, sometimes there are snippy disputes about issues that 
seem obscure, which makes the list occasionally unpleasant to read. 
Again, for those of us who just want to map, this isn't helpful.
What can be done to make Talk-US more useful for the average mapper?


At 04:59 PM 4/14/2012, you wrote:
> > From: Frank Cox [mailto:theatre at melvilletheatre.com]
> > Subject: Re: [Imports] tiff, dwg and nad83
> >
> > On Sat, 14 Apr 2012 15:34:49 -0700
> > Paul Norman wrote:
> >
> > > What I would suggest is to start with the GeoTiffs and go from there.
> >
> > All righty, now we're getting somewhere.
> >
> > So lets say that I ask for a sample GeoTIFF, which I assume is just a
> > big graphic file similar to any other TIFF file (or jpg or whatever).
> > The engineering department has these things (we assume), so he gives me
> > a copy of one of them.
> >
> > I carry this thing home on my trusty flash drive (or whatever), plug it
> > into my computer, and now I have a graphic file on my computer that I
> > didn't have before.
> >
> > What now?
>Depending on how big it is, you can either tile it with gdal2tiles[1] or
>serve it with mapserver[2].
>For the first one you install gdal with python bindings, run gdal2tiles on
>the geotiff, use a script (http://paste.ubuntu.com/928312/) to fix some
>names, and serve that with apache. JOSM or Potlatch can then use it as a
>background layer.
>For the second one you install gdal and mapserver and tell it to serve the
>geotiff and then you can add it as a background layer with JOSM or Potlatch.
>I had a look at your town and given that it's a very small town and the bing
>imagery is actually quite good, I don't know that it's worth doing any sort
>of import. If you wanted street names you could get them from CanVec[3]. Of
>course collecting street names also gives you a chance to tag businesses,
>amenities, etc.
>[1] http://gdal.org/
>[2] http://mapserver.org/
>[3] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/CanVec
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