[Talk-us] Excellent progress, u.s.

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Mon Apr 16 21:52:45 BST 2012

>At 2012-04-12 17:36, you wrote:
>>I see excellent progress in California during the recent eight days 
>>of re-mapping.  If you are an editing maniac...
>Can you comment on your process? I see very little real, coordinated 
>info about tools, concrete solutions, or teamwork. As a formerly 
>quite active SoCal mapper, I'm basically just dead in the water, 
>wondering how much of my hard work has just been discarded (e.g. 
>speed-limits, lanes, turn restrictions, source references, carefully 
>aligned geometries, etc.) and whether to bother trying to get it 
>back. I can't possibly be alone (?).
>I can't even find any info on the redaction. What is the plan? Where 
>is it now? How can I see what it's doing? Shouldn't there be a big, 
>bold link to this kind of info on the wiki main page?

I almost forgot:  in step 7 of my previous message, the Delete step 
may inform you that you are deleting from a relation.  This is 
especially true of motorways, which are often described with 
relations.  If this is the case, go ahead and confirm the deletion 
from the relation, making note of WHICH relation(s) this element is a 
member of.

The following is true ONLY if you know how to edit relations, and if 
you don't, please learn!  AFTER re-stitching the new segment back in 
by merging nodes at intersections, you MUST open a relation editor 
window for EACH relation for which this segment was a member.  I do 
this by clicking on an element which is RIGHT NEXT TO the deleted 
element, and using that selection to scroll down (in the 
Properties/Memberships windowpane) to its relations, and then 
double-clicking that.  When that relation window opens, I position it 
so I can see the current selection (which is also highlighted in the 
left-bottom part of the relation elements), AND the deleted segment. 
I then click the deleted element (in the main JOSM window, not the 
relation edit window) and this puts it as a selection on the 
right-hand-side of the relation editing window.  Depending on order 
and direction, I then click the "second" or "third" button 
(insert-before-element or insert-after-element) to properly insert 
the new member back into the relation.  If it was all stiched back 
together properly, you'll see the arrows "line up" (and have 
black-connected dots, not red-unconnected dots).  If a member element 
needs a "forward" role (or another role), it is usually obvious from 
that role being on the surrounding members.  Use your judgement and 
experience to add back in a role (forward, for example) if it is 


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