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Werner Poppele poppele at hm.edu
Tue Apr 17 08:29:59 BST 2012

Gregory Arenius wrote:
> Hi,
> "Imported data turns down potential new mappers."
> I really disagree with this statement.  I think the mappers would be 
> turned off if we didn't import it when available.  "So you have all 
> 250,000 address points for the city but instead of using them you'd 
> rather us go collect all of them a second time?!?"  Nobody is going to 
> do that.  Same with building outlines.  It might be true for some data 
> but I think its a largely inaccurate statement.
> There have also been some really well done imports such as the MassGIS 
> one in MA.  Not using that data isn't going to get us any further than 
> using it.  It makes our data much more useful, so it gets used, which 
> brings in more contributors which....
> Maybe it would be different if there were no open data to import at 
> all, then people would be more motivated to gather it so it would 
> exist.  However, if it does exist, weather or not we use it, that 
> motivation is no longer there.
> I also think that in the US if government agencies are updating their 
> data that we can use that we should look at that as part of the 
> community.  They're producing free data and so are we....I just wish 
> they could use our data they way we use theirs.
> -Greg
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Dear Gregory
I totally agree with Frederik. Yes - imported data turns down new 
mappers. Have you ever seen those monster
multipolygons ? I am sure a new mapper says: Forget that
I personally tend to stop my contribution to OSM because of the very bad 
stuff I see when mapping:
Triple contours at the same position, double / triple nodes, 
unconnected, tiny streams / rivers with a bunch tags.
In Albuquerque I - sorry - deleted 43 churches imported from geonames 
all at the same spot.
I have dozens of examples like that. Tell us, how to fix this stuff. By 
hand ? Waiting for better data ?
Writing better software ? Who merges old with new data ?
There is a philosophy of Importing and forgetting. For me most kind of 
imports are some kind of vandalism.

Here are some examples:

Double contours

Multiple streams / rivers

Nodes tagged waterway=river

Unconnected streams / rivers

Ten thousands of omported single trees in Europe


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