[Talk-us] Redaction affected ways map

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Aug 4 15:43:28 BST 2012


On 04.08.2012 12:05, Stellan Lagerström wrote:
> Nice. What do the colors signify?
> And I would suggest adding "Show in OSM" and/or "Edit in Potlatch/JOSM"
> links.

There's also my version of this:


In contrast to Martijn's map, this one isn't at all pretty ;) and my map 
doesn't differentiate roads from other stuff (or motorways from primary 
roads etc.) - the OSMI view simply shows a red mark wherever something 
was deleted by the bot; an orange mark wherever something was last 
edited by the bot; and a yellow mark where something was edited by the 
bot but someone else touched it later. It can show the (former) tags of 
deleted objects if you click on them (but don't you copy that into 
OSM...) and it has a "trash can" button that allows you to make a red 
thing go away (for cases where you say: well, that has been remapped 
already, or: this is really such a marginal feature that we don't need a 
mapper to go there and survey it again). Red things trashed this way 
become green. Update frequency is a couple times a day.


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