[Talk-us] US local chapter

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Wed Aug 8 12:05:19 BST 2012

talk has started on the osmf list about the upcoming OpenStreetMap
Foundation board election, which reminded me of the US local chapter.

I had a quick look at recent US local chapter minutes [1] and see
nothing since April 2012.  Are there some additional minutes to be
posted?  It's also unclear to me which minute item tasks have been
assigned to which people, and which tasks are new assignments, versus
updates versus items completed.

And I'd love to hear from the local chapter board members, elected
last year, regarding: their thoughts on their year on the board so
far, their expectations leading up to next year, their observations
about serving the US local chapter and community, how their plans from
before the election align with their accomplishments so far.

And it would be good to know the details of the next US local chapter
board election.

Best regards,

[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Foundation/Local_Chapters/United_States/Minutes

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