[Talk-us] Problem with an Armchair user

Nathan Mills nathan at nwacg.net
Tue Jan 17 20:10:00 GMT 2012

On 1/17/2012 1:50 PM, Josh Doe wrote:

> NE2 is a well known and prolific user. Please be more specific on what
> he's doing that you disagree with, and link to specific changesets
> and/or objects. I'm assuming you've already discussed this issue with
> him and can't come to an agreement.

A well known and prolific user who thinks he knows better than locals do 
how roads they've actually seen in person and he hasn't should be 
tagged. It can be pretty demoralizing to have your hard work messed with 
when the change is the result of something we all agree is a matter of 

Personally, I think in those cases without consensus the person who has 
actually been there ought to be the one whose opinion stays in the 
database, but that's just me.


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