[Talk-us] LA and other license changeover challenged areas.

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 12:05:20 GMT 2012

I have just "saved" one street in L.A.  (Loosmore Street) and hereby
award myself one SLAP  (Save L.A. Point).

I mapped the geometry from Bing and the tags from TIGER 2011 and
set the source tag to reflect this. I didn't reuse any nodes.

Anyone can earn themselves a SLAP by remapping any road close to
(I.E intersecting or " next to") a previously SLAPped road.

Be carefull with intersecting road Cypress Avenue, we can't recover the
cycleway tag unless you yourself have personal knowledge of this.

SLAP points can be redeemed for beer next time I'm in L.A,
this could be a year or two.

The redemption rate wil be determined by me as will be the type
of beer  (I'm leaning toward Fat Tyre or Moose Drool or maybe
an Australian beer).
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