[Talk-us] Scenic/Historic byways

Toby Murray toby.murray at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 20:20:43 BST 2012

Just came across this while processing pictures from my bike across Kansas:

This is a sign for the "Western Vistas" historic byway. It even has a website:

Closer to home I have also seen a "Scenic Byway" sign. This seems to
be an official designation by the US DOT as discussed here:

I'm not seeing nearly as much information on historic byways. Are
these designated by the DOT as well or are they just tourist
attractions? The website for the Western Vistas one is registered to
the Wild West Historical Foundation in Oakley, KS which makes me think
it is just a local thing.

So how do we map these? I didn't see anything in the wiki and taginfo
only shows 62 uses of national_byway=Bernwood Forest Loop. And that's
about all I could find about byways.

This obviously needs to be a route relation. Most of the tags should
be fairly straightforward.

So far I have:
name=Western Vistas Historic Byway

What about a network tag? Maybe network=byway:historic and
byway:scenic? Are there other types? There doesn't seem to be any use
for a ref=* tag. Anything else I'm missing?


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