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The newer TIGER 2011 data is a BIG improvement over the original TIGER data
that was put in the US.  When the roads for Columbia, SC are deleted by the
license bot, someone could go in and upload the TIGER 2011 data for
Columbia.  Of course, things like footways and parks may be deleted as well,
but at least having the roads in there is better than nothing.


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On 07/11/12 15:20, Nathan Edgars II wrote:
>>>    The state capital region of Columbia, South Carolina will be a 
>>> prime test of the "Do empty areas attract contributors?" theory for 
>>> some time to come.
>> Why, is someone planning to remove the TIGER import in that area?
> Yes, wherever those TIGER ways were either outright deleted or 
> combined with other ways.

Obviously my comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek; I am personally convinced
that the unedited TIGER landscape - i.e. a map of which virtually nothing is
correct and once you start to work somewhere you have to touch almost every
single object if you want an acceptable result - is the worst situation for
attracting mappers. Therefore, returning an area to how it was after TIGER
(and deleting selected objects for good measure) is certainly not creating
an "empty area" in the sense of the "do empty areas attract contributors"


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