[Talk-us] railway=abandoned and mapping things that are not there any more?

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Thu Jul 12 20:10:51 BST 2012

I think it's important to separate "there's a way in the db" and
"there's a line on some render".

Personally, I want to see old railway lines on the map.  I find there's
almost always evidence along the line, but not always at some point.

So I think we need tags that are more like the USGS maps, where there is
  out of service
    old railroad grade
    historical only (not shown on USGS)

so renders can choose to show 'old railroad grade' or 'abandoned tracks'
but not historical-only.

So let's spiff up the render, not lose the info from the db.
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