[Talk-us] Post bot cleanup

Toby Murray toby.murray at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 06:42:32 BST 2012

Now that we're cleaning up after the license bot, what problems are
people seeing? I figure if we understand how the bot broke things, it
might be easier to identify and fix.

In talking on IRC just now, Kai found this offramp:

The going theory is that version 1 was a TIGER way so it is clean.
Then a non-agreeing user reversed the way (common TIGER fixup task)
then an agreeing user added more nodes to it. The bot then reversed
the order of the original nodes but left the direction of the new

I think a lot of the spaghetti interstate exchanges are due to TIGER
imported nodes being moved around by non-agreeing users and then made
part of another way either by splitting the way or by adding an
intersection by an agreeing user, without moving the node. Then when
the bot came through and restored the node to its original position,
it dragged the end point of two ways with it.

I found one such instance without way splitting too. I think one of
the nodes got moved a long way by a non-agreeing user then an agreeing
user added more nodes between the original and the new location of the
dirty node. The bot moved the first node back to its old location
causing the way to double back on itself. This situation was a little
puzzling to me at first because the bot was not listed as having
touched the way. But since it didn't add or remove any nodes, just
moved one that is correct.

Any other common problems that people have seen?


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