[Talk-us] National Map Corps Revived - And Using the OSM Stack

Ian Dees ian.dees at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 15:17:16 BST 2012

Hi everyone,

I saw a tweet from @USGS today mentioning that the National Map Corps are
starting up again. If you don't know what the National Map Corps is, think
of it like "OpenStreetMap for the US Government". Volunteer mappers
correcting and adding to the topo maps all over the country. I'm sure there
are others with much more information, but it was a pretty epic project and
is the source for lots of the free and public domain data we use to this

For the last year or two (or three?) Eric Wolf's been working to adapt the
OpenStreetMap stack to the USGS's needs, and it looks like it that work has
finally been released. Check out this video for more information:
http://gallery.usgs.gov/videos/552. Skip to 4:10 or so to see it in action.

Hopefully Eric and others will respond here and tell us more about it!

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