[Talk-us] Fwd: Re: Post bot cleanup

Alexander Jones happy5214 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 17:42:33 BST 2012

Charlotte Wolter wrote:

>          Do you have any idea how big LA is? You can't just delete
> huge sections of the San Fernando Valley and start over. Start over
> from what? With no street names? That's just not feasible.
> --C

What I meant is, well... I use the awesome TIGER 2011 overlay in JOSM. I 
know the Valley is different from Visalia (in the other Valley), but it's 
easier for me to draw new ways than realign old ones.

If the way is reasonably correct, I'd just realign it. My strategy is 
intended for ways that are horribly misaligned. Like in Visalia.


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