[Talk-us] Routing tests

Toby Murray toby.murray at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 09:54:21 BST 2012

I just made another set of tiles that should help find routing
problems along interstates. I noticed that the bot often removed the
highway=* tag but left the oneway=* tag. So I looked for ways with
oneway tags without a highway tag. I had to filter out some common
ones like waterway and ski piste. I suppose I should have just
filtered out ways last touched by the bot too but there were some
interesting ones by other people as well so there might be some false
positives. I may filter on just bot edits next update though.

This is my first use of leaflet and I haven't figured out all the
intricacies of permalinks and layers yet so excuse the inconvenience
but you have to go to the page then use the layer control to turn off
the node layer and turn on the oneway layer. Right now it is only down
to z10 but that is worldwide. Tomorrow I will see about making some
higher zoom levels in higher density areas.

This map I can also update as progress is made. The current data is
from somewhere around 5 PM CDT on Friday.



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