[Talk-us] Highway ref again.

Apollinaris Schöll aschoell at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 23:49:53 BST 2012


During fixing highways and interstates I came across a lot of inconsistent
uses. I don't have a strong opinion in either direction. But we should at
least map consistent. The wiki isn't consistent either.

- multiple refs in tag with a semicolon: Many of them had been entered not
too long ago and are clearly not a damage from the redaction. Wasn't the
consensus to use relations? In the past I have only used the ref of the
most important route on the way itself. This is what is rendered on all
maps. secondary routes are only in the relation in case of overlaps.
- state routes. In the past most states have been mapped with <state>
<number>, now many refs have been changed to SR <number>. According to
official documents in California SR is correct. road signs are mixed in
California.Most common is number only but SR or state highway ore state
route is possible too. BUT we have used the <state> <number> for so long
and acrossmany states. should we really change?
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