[Talk-us] Kern County Import Cleanup

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sun Jul 29 08:30:45 BST 2012

I happened to be looking at Kern County and noticed two problems with the
imports that seem to be systemic over the area.

The first is classification of empty areas as landuse=residential (e.g.

I'd suggest deleting these as no landuse appears to appropriate here

The second is a similar issue, mountainside areas in landuse=farm (e.g.

While doing this cleanup I would suggest removing attribution, description,
kern:Comb_Zn, kern:Zn_Cd1 and setting source=Kern_County_GIS

The appropriate solution for most of the ways/multipolygons seems to be to
delete them, but I'll leave this to you since you're familiar with the
extents of the upload.

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