[Talk-us] Discardable TIGER tags

william skora skorasaurus at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 18:21:06 BST 2012

Here's my 2 cents on the mentioned tiger tags, fwiw:

tiger:cfcc - As I understand, its original purpose was to classify
different highway types, but once the appropriate OSM tags [derived in
part from this tag, and then also from whatever other sources,
imagery, personal visit, etc] have been added to the way, this tag
doesn't serve any purpose. See:
If someone wants to see the history of the way, they can check the
history with that tag. Also, in my experience the CFCC from 2007 were
often incorrect, especially for highway=residential ways that should
be marked highway=unclassified, tertiary, secondary, primary, or

Tiger:separated - After reading tiger:separated=yes in the link above,
doesn't that mean the way should be mapped in OSM as two separate ways
? If it's already mapped as 2 separate ways, then delete the tag.

Tiger:tlid - Could be removed. I've had newbies ask me at mapping
parties what it means, I haven't been able to answer them. I haven't
seen any use for its inclusion at this point.

tiger:upload_uuid: Could be removed. I haven't seen any use for its
inclusion at this point, was useful in past, as Toby mentioned.


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