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Kern County does have its set of unique challenges. As mentioned, the rural areas of Kern County I imported from the official county files tend to be too generalized - either landuse=farm for agricultural land or landuse=residential for any type of residential area even if it is rural residential or estate land with little actual residential use. Much of the rural areas can probably be tagged as either meadow or scrub. There is also the area to the east as it gets near the Mojave Desert. This could be tagged as heath or as desert, as some in that area have started doing. In addition some of the areas in the county are used for oil drilling. Should these get something like landuse=industrial?

The shapes in rural areas tend to be off as mentioned. These were part of the original data by the county. It could be the projection that was used to create the data. I've been able to correct some of these areas by selecting several at once and then moving them.  

I agree with the suggestion removing the extra tags. I don't see any way reason to keep them. Maybe these could all be removed by a script or bot.

To fix the areas, they can either be deleted or modified to include the appropriate tag for each section of the area.

If any one wants to take a stab at fixing them, feel free. I will continue doing so also.

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I happened to be looking at Kern County and noticed two problems with the

imports that seem to be systemic over the area.

The first is classification of empty areas as landuse=residential (e.g.



I'd suggest deleting these as no landuse appears to appropriate here

The second is a similar issue, mountainside areas in landuse=farm (e.g.


While doing this cleanup I would suggest removing attribution, description,

kern:Comb_Zn, kern:Zn_Cd1 and setting source=Kern_County_GIS

The appropriate solution for most of the ways/multipolygons seems to be to

delete them, but I'll leave this to you since you're familiar with the

extents of the upload.

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