[Talk-us] Special issues in LA remap

Charlotte Wolter techlady at techlady.com
Mon Jun 4 19:50:20 BST 2012

Hello all,

         I have been working on the LA remap, which mostly involves 
correcting thousands and thousands of edits by a user named "blars."
         The odd thing about the "edits" that "blars" did is that 
they seem to have been done almost robotically. Although many 
intersections have been changed enough to be marked "modified" by the 
OSM Inspector, it's difficul to see what, if anything, was done. The 
poor street alignments from TIGER have not been corrected.  Obvious 
issues, such as a street that no longer exists, have been ignored. 
Almost every single dead-end street or those with turning circles are 
"modified," as are many intersections, but, again, bad alignment has 
not been touched.
         All this plus the sheer volume of changes makes me think 
that "blars" used some kind of bot to make these changes. These 
"edits" corrected or added little, except to make the map "modified" 
for the new license.
         Perhaps someone who knows JOSM or other tools better than I 
do could come up with a way to make these repairs on a mass basis. 
Or, perhaps, there is a wasy to reverse just what blars did within a 
certain time frame.
         I appreciate any help you can give. I've put in hundreds of 
hours on this and barely scratched the surface.



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