[Talk-us] Special issues in LA remap

Steve All steveall at softworkers.com
Wed Jun 6 08:07:15 BST 2012

>  On 5 June 2012 20:56, stevea <steveaOSM at softworkers.com> wrote:
>>   But "socially," or more properly stated, in the context of "reaching OSM
>>   consensus," what does our community think of (rather wholesale) 
>>reverts of a
>>   contributor who has not agreed to the CT?  Are we OK with that?  Apologies
>>   if this is already clearly stated somewhere. But if so, I haven't seen it
>>   and it is high time we freshen up how/where we are about this.

>  andrzej replied:
>  Is it a pressing issue though?  Mike N already said this, but the
>  license redaction algorithm is being designed to do no more damage
>  than a revert of the tainted edits, with the exception of undeletions
>  mentioned by NE2.  So, by my understanding, the best you can get by
>  reverting edits is a state similar to that which you'll obtain by
>  doing nothing and moving on to actual useful mapping.

SteveA here:  Then I think what might make most sense is to point 
Charlotte, me, and other readers of this list to Mike N's license 
redaction algorithm thread.  I guess I missed that.

Charlotte's original point (both echoed in her/this recent 
thread-start and in another email she sent to me privately -- in 
April or May?) that she finds the whole "license redaction algorithm" 
(or whatever is going to happen) to be opaque and mysterious, without 
any easy way to discover this, or know (well) what to work around 
(blars' edits, for example) or not.  I tend to agree.

I have used the JOSM revert changeset to good effect before, I know 
that users like NE2 and others have the skill to write/wield/deploy 
powerful scripts that "do" high-level crafted semantically-laser beam 
effects.  But these might be more in the open and transparent, so 
that we (lowly and middle-level users, if I must be so crass as to 
put it like that) can see these things as up-and-coming, and move on 
to important things.

Indeed, Charlotte asks:
>  Perhaps some who know JOSM could take a look at the most recent 
>uploads by "blars" to see what the
>  effect of reverting those changes would be.

When in fact, she (and I, and all users in OSM, really) simply want 
to know:  is some "magic" smart-bot going to auto-magically "fix" the 
license problems, or should I keep working based off of BADMAP to get 
rid of non CT-user edits?  If so, can such efforts come out of the 
shadows (please?!) so "most OSMers" can best focus our efforts?

Keep up the dialog,


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