[Talk-us] Special issues in LA remap

Mike N niceman at att.net
Wed Jun 13 02:22:39 BST 2012

> Is it certain that a "red" node (created by blars) can be made clean
> simply by moving it?

   I didn't phrase my advise clearly - you're right, a "red" node, 
created by blars, cannot be cleaned by moving.  The redaction bot will 
remove it.   The right way to clean the red nodes is to delete them, and 
create new nodes if required by the road geometry.

   Only the yellow nodes can be cleaned by moving.

> It seems that the easiest way to quickly clean a way that is clean
> itself, but contains a bunch of orange nodes, is to select the way and
> then nudge it very slightly

   I agree with NE2 - this is cheating, and there are/will be tools for 
the license decliner to catch this if they choose to use them.

>> In JOSM, his edits in that area show mainly as orange nodes, with a
>> few red nodes. JOSM's "View History" shows that most of his edits to
>> ways consisted of removing the 'tiger:reviewed=no' tag. So the
>> redaction bot will not change those ways at all.
> Really? Why does this pass the re-licensing test? I only remove
> tiger:reviewed=no when I have checked the geometry of the way against
> imagery, which would seem to be a non-trivial contribution.

   It does pass the odbl test - his road alignments will be undone. 
You're correct that it will be a miscue to future editors, since the 
'tiger:reviewed=no' tag will still be left off.  I don't think this is 
too serious because many areas have to be re-reviewed after redaction 
any way.

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