[Talk-us] Los Angeles area status

Evin Fairchild evindfair at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 03:47:31 BST 2012

> Despite the work of hundreds of mappers over the last few years, and the
tireless work of several dedicated re-mappers, the map will look very
different in much of this 4,250 square mile (11,000 sq km) area - among the
top 20 economies of the world - if the redaction bot is run here.

It's amazing how much "red" is still left in LA.  Perhaps we could chop away
at this red blob quicker if we got everyone else in the US to help.  But
this might be hard to get people to help because many people may hate
remapping (like me) and would rather add new things to the map or improve
stuff that's already there, instead of wasting their time remapping.
Despite my hatred for remapping, I think I'll be willing to help out down in
LA.  Our time is running out, because the redaction bot is getting closer
and closer to deployment (it is passing more and more tests).  Therefore, we
need everyone to help ASAP!

> Much of the unclean data is because of a single declining user - "blars",
who does _not_ actually disagree with the ODBL license. His only problem was
the open-ended clause in the CT that allows a future change in license
without approval of the individual contributors (only a super-majority I
think). I'm not sure I blame him, in theory, for not agreeing to something
unseen, being solely at the mercy of the masses - the same ones that
approved this change to begin with.

If I were Blars I would accept the license because if I don't then all my
hard work would be deleted.  But his reasons for disagreeing are plausible
and OSMF should have been more aware of the things before going ahead with
the license change.  Maybe Blars needs some more convincing in order to
click the "accept" button.  Has he/she been made aware of the damage that'll
be done to the map due to his/her failure to accept the license change
because he/she had just a minor problem with it?

> The problem is not limited to LA, either. Other areas that light up at
zoom 4 include much of Japan (especially the area around Tokyo and the
south), Australia (Sydney, Adelaide, Perth), Dominican Republic, most of
Poland and Kosovo, Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia), parts of eastern and
northern Germany, Thessaloniki and other areas of Greece, even London. Some
other areas of the US are the SF Bay area in CA, Salt Lake City, Austin
(TX), Columbia (SC),

> I'd like a clear answer from the "powers that be" about why they feel it
is OK to move forward, given all the damage that will be done.

I would have really appreciated it if OSMF would have helped out with
remapping problem areas.  After all, they were the ones who are forcing this
upon us, so why can't they help out?  I am serious; I really think that OSMF
should help out!  

Time is running out, and the goal is to get the redaction bot to do as
little work as possible.  It ought to spend the minimum amount of time in
this area.

Anyway, I should shut up and help out down in LA!


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