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John F. Eldredge john at jfeldredge.com
Fri Mar 9 22:03:57 GMT 2012

Dave Hansen <dave at sr71.net> wrote:

> On 03/09/2012 01:38 PM, Paul Norman wrote:
> > Is turning on moderation for non-members an option?
> That's what I meant by "require folks to be members before posting"
> pretty much.  It's an option, but that dumps all of the overhead on to
> the poor list administrator.  :)  The spam bothers me a lot less than
> all of those admin requests would.

Another option would be to maintain a blacklist of known spammers, as opposed to a whitelist of members.  That would produce less overhead for the list administrator, but there would need to be provision for taking a name back off of the blacklist, if the person in question can persuade the administrator that the actual spammer was forging an innocent person's email address.

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