[Talk-us] Changeset needs to be reverted

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Mar 13 13:33:14 GMT 2012


>> I will probably undelete all deleted ways and then revert the relations
>> to re-add them, except where the stray nodes were already cleaned up
>> (assuming that in these areas, a human mapper has evaluated the
>> situation and fixed it).
>> We'll see how that goes.

Turns out that about 6,000 of 22,000 ways could not be reverted because 
some of the nodes had been cleaned up meanwhile.

Only 38 of these non-revertable were in the US - 36 in Montana, 2 in Idaho.

Here is a list:


(The "what nodes" column lists the nodes missing for a revert.)

If that is desirable, I can undelete the nodes and revert the ways 


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