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Nick Chamberlain nchamberlain at ci.salisbury.md.us
Wed Mar 21 21:40:44 GMT 2012


After making 2 uploads for my area (changeset: http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/10913242) - 1) Up-to-date City Boundary and 2) Building Footprints for our Metro Core, it was pointed out to me that I had not submitted an email to the imports or talk-us mailing lists during my planning stage.

I work for the City of Salisbury and began pursuing using Open Street Map for some simple web applications recently.  I reviewed the import with the data steward (GIS Coordinator for Wicomico County, MD) who did not have any objections to sharing the data, as they are also pursuing making the data publicly available.  

I noticed that the City Boundary in Open Street map was from TIGER 2007 uploads and was missing some annexations that had occurred.  I used JOSM to remove our old City Boundary and ogr2osm to convert our newest City Boundary shapefile to .osm.  I also tagged the boundary with the same tags that the original TIGER import had to stay consistent with the original tagging.

While reviewing the level of participation in editing of the data in Salisbury, I noticed there are not a lot of people editing in this area besides myself.  To assist future editors , I thought building footprint data would assist editors in being able to add points of interest, as well as help with the aesthetics of some of my applications.  I imported building footprint data for areas in and surrounding the City of Salisbury using ogr2osm and JOSM.  It has been pointed out to me that I did not properly tag these with a source, which is the City of Salisbury/Wicomico County GIS.  Before I go back and add these tags/investigate some duplicates that were discovered, it was advised that I run my initial uploads by the community to be sure that they were acceptable.

I have added an entry under potential data sources:

I would eventually like to fix some of our roads as well, either using TIGER 2011 or our own street centerline data.  TIGER shows driveways as being residential roads, which they are not, and I would like to remove them, or properly attribute them as driveways.  I would also like to improve our hydrography data to include a more accurate representation of the Wicomico River, which continues far more North than TIGER shows.

Thanks in advance for your help, please advise if there are any other steps that I need to take to properly provide imports/fix my first couple imports.

- Nick

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