[Talk-us] We have less than a week left to remap!

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Thu Mar 22 08:14:50 GMT 2012

>I don't think this has been reposted to talk-us yet. According to the
>latest license change rebuild plan, the database will enter read-only
>mode on March 27th for the license rebuild:

It has been stated that it is a GOAL to "pull the plug" on April 1st. 
The Sword of Damocles wielded by the Powers That Be in OSM are under 
no hard-and-fast obligation to do so, they are just trying to reach a 
stated goal.

If (as it is looking more and more to be true) that significant areas 
will disappear from the map, making routing and other important uses 
of these data seriously impaired, it is incumbent upon the Powers 
That Be to "declare failure" at reaching the stated goals.  Yes, this 
is disappointing, but it is true.  The only meaningful conclusion 
that can be reached is to "give the OSM community more time" and push 
back the April 1st (or March 27th) deadline.  (One month?  Three 

Is this an eleventh hour request to do so?  Well, yes!  But every 
word of the above is true.

The OSM community simply must have more time to complete these tasks. 
It is as simple as that.  Don't cripple an extremely useful and 
becoming-more-mainstream and rather popular tool with arbitrary and 
capricious dates on a calendar.  Plan and assess, yes, that has 
already happened, but now is the time to RE-assess, and reach the 
solemn conclusion that flipping the switch on significant data in 
barely a week is ill-advised at best, and will be a crippling body 
blow to the project at worst.  Perhaps one from which the project 
will not fully recover.

Nobody asked me to say it, but I'm asking for three more months.  We 
can complete needed tasks by then.


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