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* Nick Chamberlain <nchamberlain at ci.salisbury.md.us> [2012-03-21 17:40 -0400]:
> I work for the City of Salisbury and began pursuing using Open Street
> Map for some simple web applications recently.  I reviewed the import
> with the data steward (GIS Coordinator for Wicomico County, MD) who did
> not have any objections to sharing the data, as they are also pursuing
> making the data publicly available.

I would love to see Wicomico County or even just Salisbury data available
on the Internet, especially since it looks like you're putting it in the
public domain.  Anne Arundel County has done the same thing, and I've
found their data to be an excellent resource.  If either the city or the
county does a public data release, I'd be quite interested in it.

(I edit as asciiphil, by the way.  I live in Pikesville and mostly work on
OpenStreetMap data around the Baltimore area, but I've made a few
contributions on the Eastern Shore.)

> I would eventually like to fix some of our roads as well, either using
> TIGER 2011 or our own street centerline data.  TIGER shows driveways as
> being residential roads, which they are not, and I would like to remove
> them, or properly attribute them as driveways.

That sort of thing is trickier, obviously, since roads may have been
edited since the TIGER import, and any replacements need to be joined to
existing data to preserve topology.  I believe there are people working on
conflation plugins for JOSM, but I'm not sure if there's anything
available for general use yet.

> I would also like to improve our hydrography data to include a more
> accurate representation of the Wicomico River, which continues far more
> North than TIGER shows.

The extent of the Wicomico river was originally from PGS coastline
data[0], which is pretty low resolution.  It looks like the banks have
been tidied up a little in downtown Salisbury, but the rest is just plain
PGS, aside from when I switched it tagging from coastline to riverbank.
It should be fine to just replace the existing hydrography data, though it
would probably also be a good idea to post about your plan for doing so on
this list beforehand to get feedback.

  [0]: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/PGS

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