[Talk-us] We have less than a week left to remap!

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Thu Mar 22 23:02:17 GMT 2012

Dale, your idea below is not terrible, but it would throw too many 
monkey-wrenches into too many workflows.

Really, it seems to me the most correct solution is to declare a 
"partial failure at the OSM community to have reached the stated 
goal" (of well-licensable data by April 1) and say "the new goal is 
to get this done by July 1."  Or June 1.  Or May 1.  Though May 1 
seems pretty tight, too.  I am just being realistic, and hope that 
Powers That Be -- are you reading this? -- are realistic, too, 
(rather than idealistic?) for no good reason.

Everything else stays the same, OSM has a little egg on our faces at 
not making an INTENDED stated deadline, but we give ourselves three 
more months to CONTINUE to improve the community and our data, and 
THEN we pull the plug.  But we don't lose face fully by saying "we 
didn't quite make it, but we will."

This (relatively short reprieve) seems like the happy compromise that 
our project needs.  Inventing the details of a forked project and new 
workflows in less than a week does not.  Though I appreciate your 


>I'm actually a little surprised that they did not decide to setup a 
>second DB (other than the need for a second server) and freeze one 
>DB on the 1st and remove the offending items from the second.  One 
>would be read only for say a month, and continue to provide usable 
>maps.  The second would then be open for editing but not mainstream 
>use until it is felt the majority of the damage was repaired.

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