[Talk-us] Problem user

Toby Murray toby.murray at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 16:45:21 GMT 2012

On Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 10:05 AM, Mike N <niceman at att.net> wrote:
> On 3/24/2012 9:06 AM, Alexander Jones wrote:
>> What do we do about user balrog-kun? He apparently declined the new terms,
>> but he is using an alternate account that has accepted the new terms. He
>> is
>> a prolific editor in the areas I work in (San Antonio and California).
>> Would
>> we end up deleting everything he has touched? (And in effect, from my
>> limited experience, a relatively large portion of the country.)
> I believe this has been, or will be resolved:
> http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-us/2012-January/007233.html

This should already be taken into account in the license change
algorithm. I worked with him on IRC to come up with a query of all of
his changesets outside of Poland and put them all on the changeset
exclude list:

He will still show up in various history views (JOSM history, the deep
history viewer on mapki.com, etc) as having declined the license but
the objects he has touched should not be showing as "license dirty" in
the JOSM license check plugin or the Potlatch license view.


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