[Talk-us] Great Lakes Coastline OBDL Clean-up + proposed import

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Mon Mar 26 00:17:33 BST 2012



As discussed yesterday, March 24th on #osm and on the talk mailing-list
- http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk/2012-March/062486.html,
regarding the remapping of OBDL-Non-compliant coastline in the Great
Lakes [see http://is.gd/WEieqK as an example], I've found coastline data
available from the US Census (from 2010) and would like to replace
portions of non OBDL-compliant coastline (beginning in Ohio) with these
imports from TIGER on a county by county basis.

The coastline data is available to download from:

(I cannot hotlink any further after this, go to the menus, then select
state, Water > Area > State > then you're desired county).

My workflow so far (I haven't uploaded anything to OSM yet)

Opened the shapefile in qgis, selected only the coastline (each
shapefile contains all water polygons for that county) polygon; saved it
as an OGR in the WSG84 projection in qgis.

then loaded up ogr2osm

and converted it to an osm file.

Open the converted file in josm, see how the accuracy looks compared to
bing/mapquest, deciding if it's worth adding through this or manually
tracing by bing).

So far, I've only checked out Cuyahoga County (where Cleveland is) and
Lorain County (directly west of Cuyahoga). The import from Cuyahoga was
a few meters off in some places but there's some sections which I may
use although I have manually remapped some of Cuyahoga County through
bing retracing. The Lorain county import looks very good and I plan on
using it. See as an example of Lorain - http://imgur.com/56hd5 (the
existing coastline is in pink)

As for translations (which for the uninformed, means 'translating' the
existing tags in the shapefile into OSM-appropriate tags), are any other
tags besides natural=coastline and one that says source=2010TIGER
necessary for this ?

Regards, Will

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