[Talk-us] OSM US elections 2012

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Mon Oct 8 21:27:31 BST 2012

we're working out processes in light of the fact that we have installed 
a new membership tracking
system, and are working through some modest bugs that need to be 
addressed before we send
out links for voting this coming friday. so here are some key things...

1) verifiying that board candidates are members

i have verified that all currently declared candidates are also current 
members. however, in doing
so a glitch with the cutover to the new system was exposed. Ian Dees 
will have this fixed this
evening, but if you are planning to run for the board, please get your 
entry on the election page
as i'm trying to work ahead here and avoid last minute problems.

2) email of choice

the new system nicely keeps both home and work email, but i have no idea 
which one members
would prefer to see their election ballot sent to. if you are planning 
to vote, please let me know
which email address you wish to receive your ballot link at, and i'll 
enter it into the "main email"
column in the table.

since many (most?) of you will be at SOTM US, please specify the email 
address you'll actually be
reading during the conference.


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