[Talk-us] Burlington, Vermont road classification

Alan Millar grunthos503 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 18 23:11:13 BST 2012

The crux of the problem is the answer to the question: Which is more
>important, outside/official classifications, or physical characteristics?
>The tagging pages on the wiki don't really provide clarity on this
Although the wiki may not be very clear, this subject has been discussed extensively on talk-us in the last year or two.  For the highway tag in particular, the consensus I've seen is that it is definitely more about the physical characteristics, "driveability", and perhaps perceived local importance than any government classifications.  Yes, part of that is subjective.   Highway=motorway in particular is about physical characteristics, regardless of being state, US, or Interstate highway.  Primary/secondary/tertiary are more related to size and/or local importance, which sometimes matches gov't classifications but often does not.  (Related to this is the "ref" tag, used to designate official route numbers.)

- Alan
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