[Talk-us] Scrubbing route relations

Chris Lawrence lordsutch at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 07:26:15 BST 2012

My only concern with the scrubbing applies to bannered routes (routes
with the "modifier" tag); we've been going back and forth on the
proper tagging for seemingly years now, and while I think the proposed
scrubbing conforms with the original intent under the tagging scheme,
the generally agreed-upon (by everyone except NE2, at least) tagging
seems to be as documented at:

"The rendering expects data tagged according to the documentation on
the wiki and further refined based on discussions on the talk-us
mailing list. In particular, two things are worth knowing:

"* The value of the ref tag on the relation must contain just the
route number, without any network information. The relation for
Interstate 5 should be tagged with network=US:I, ref=5.
"* Variant routes (alternate, business, truck, etc.) must be tagged
with the variant in the network tag, not the ref tag. (The variant
text should also be in the modifier tag, but this rendering does not
depend on its presence there.) Thus, US Alternate Route 1 would only
be rendered if it were tagged network=US:US:Alternate, ref=1."

Since this site (http://elrond.aperiodic.net/shields/) seems to be the
only real consumer of route relations at the moment (we're not sure if
Mapquest Open is or whether it's just running a bunch of ad-hoc data
fixups to make its shields sensible), I think it makes sense to follow
the guidance from that site at least as far as deprecating "modifier"
in favor of making variants part of the network tag.

However, the CR tagging changes suggested here seem fine to me.


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