[Talk-us] Local Chapters Discussion

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Fri Oct 26 01:07:56 GMT 2012

On 10/25/12 2:38 PM, Mikel Maron wrote:
> For specific reasons why OSM-US should care, a couple concrete things off the top of my head are trademarks and promotion. OSM Foundation holds the trademarks, like OpenStreetMap and the logo. The promotion space for events on the OSM.org website (like the SOTM-US banner) needs a means for management. Both of these things are going to be governed by Local Chapter agreements.
i don't mean to be a nitpicker, but OSMF has the trademark in some parts 
of the world,
at least that's the case if this wiki page is up to date: 

i should think the OSMF would want the US trademark. of course, if there 
were a local chapter
agreement with the US chapter, we could act as the OSMF's agent.

as i understand it, the local chapters process ran out of steam for 
various reasons. the US
chapter (and i'm not speaking as a board member, as i'm no longer on the 
board, just the
executive committee[1]) would i think be happy to reengage in the process.

[1] the brand new executive committee is where old board members get put 
out to pasture

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