[Talk-us] NHD Imports

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sun Oct 28 01:19:28 GMT 2012

Mike N writes:
 >    For your case, since you are comparing it against existing data and 
 > Bing imagery and possible consultation with Topo maps, it is entirely 
 > appropriate to use NHD data.  In effect, because of your interest, you 
 > are the active mapper in the area, even though it is not all ground surveys.

I would like to have every stream in the U.S. available as a .osm
file. So, say, I am running along some road or railroad, and I see a
stream that doesn't exist in OSM yet. Rather than doing the
clicky-click myself, it would be great if I could load up the NHD
version of that stream. I could compare it against the aerial photos,
and the data already in OSM, and decide for myself if I want to use
that or do the clicky click.

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