[Talk-us] MapRoulette new challenge: connectivity

Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Mon Oct 29 20:06:03 GMT 2012

Hi all,

MapRoulette (http://maproulette.org) is back with a new challenge:
~68,000 connectivity bugs in the US to be fixed. These are ways ending
very close (<5m) to another way, which means they should likely be
connected, although there are of course exceptions. Which makes it an
ideal MapRoulette challenge!

So if you have a few minutes to spare, help fix those bugs - spin the
MapRoulette wheel and see where it takes you ;) And don't be afraid to
do some TIGER or other cleanup while you're editing.

Read more about this challenge and the future of MapRoulette (hint:
KeepRight) here:
If you have more ideas for challenges that you think would be just
right for MapRoulette, post them here
Of course, you're more than welcome to set up your own MapRoulette
instance using the code at https://github.com/mvexel/remapatron - hit
me up if you need any help with that.

Happy Rouletting,
martijn van exel

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