[Talk-us] MapRoulette new challenge: connectivity

Ivan Komarov jkomarov at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 15:29:39 GMT 2012

Hi all,

I've made the same experiment as James did. Got 7 of 20 tiger-specific
errors, 6 of which where obvious to fix. I would fix 5 other
user-introduced errors. And wouldn't touch 9 left.

Indeed, MapRoulette interprets many non-obvious cases as errors.


> I just wanted to add a couple points here in regards the nature of
> connectivity issues.  First, I think that Martin's wild guess is off.
> I've done about 20 of these (which is getting close to a sufficient
> sample) and I would say that about 70% of the errors are due to human
> mappers.  I've had 2 that have been impossible to tell based on Bing
> imagery, but were solvable using Tiger 2012 data.
> James

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