[Talk-us] NE2 changing my work with bots again

Sam Iacullo sjiacullo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 07:04:03 GMT 2012

Well all, he's at it again. I had an issue with user NE2 a while ago
involving his running of bots changing a bunch of highways that I had
worked on here in Texas. Apparently, he's back at it again, and it's worse
than just Texas. He changed many, many things on roads that I had worked
hours on (changing secondary to trunk, deleting and changing names, etc.)
in ways that just seem arbitrary. This has happened on more than just one
occasion, but the majority of the damage has been on changeset 13246406.

Apparently he had been running random "post-redaction cleanup" bots on
areas that did not need to be edited. Since this is the second problem that
I have had personally with him, I don't understand why there is no
rating/banning/formal complaint system in OSM. The section written about
"armchair mapping" was a direct result of him, and he's in direct violation
of that. Is there anything that can be done about him?

Sam Iacullo
a.k.a. homeslice60148
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