[Talk-us] The Remap-A-Tron, Second Wave

Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Wed Sep 5 22:24:07 BST 2012

Hi all,

The Remap-A-Tron (http://lima.schaaltreinen.nl/remap/) turned out to
be a useful thing! We worked our way from almost 2000 non-remapped
major roads to zero in a matter of days!

So I unlocked level 2 for all of you to work on - the non-remapped
ways tagged unclassified, residential and road. There are around 8900
of them. Still US only, a global version is in the works.

While you're remapping, don't forget to look at the area around the
way the R-A-T serves up - usually there's more to clean up!

In the mean time, I'm already thinking about a new purpose for the
*-A-Tron. My thoughts drift towards a Unfreak-A-Tron, to identify and
solve Freaky Way cases like these:


I already have Fairy Dust 2.0 ready to expose all these Freak cases.

For now, happy remapping!
martijn van exel

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