[Talk-us] Consensus on "SR" for state route versus state abbreviation?

Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Thu Sep 13 02:22:02 BST 2012

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 7:58 PM, Charlotte Wolter <techlady at techlady.com>wrote:

>         **Was there ever consensus on whether to use "SR" (or some
> variation on that) for state highways versus an abbreviation of the state
> name ("CA" or "NY"). I remember that there was discussion, but I don't
> remember if there was consensus.

The postal abbreviation for the state name is the preferred method for
state route refs on ways, though I would strongly encourage you to create a
relation instead (unless you're correcting a not-state-code abbreviation
outside of Texas...in which I'd still confirm there's an existing relation
for the route).  Texas is the notable oddball, thanks to having 7 state
highway networks):  TX only applies to State Highways (TX 18). Rec roads
get (iirc) RR (RR 10), Farm/Ranch to Market get FM (FM 3075), Park roads
get (iirc) PR (PR 10), Loops and Spurs get Loop or Spur (Loop 375, Spur
220), and and NASA routes get NASA (NASA 1).
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