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I'm uploading a changeset that should fix most of the border problems. Some
tagging problems may remain with the parks but it shouldn't be necessary to
adjust the geometry.


I did note that some of the US parks to the south need to be turned into
boundary relations and have their ways de-duplicated.


I didn't really touch the woods because those don't stop at the border


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I'm doing some work in the Washington State and noticed some problems along
the border between BC and Washington State. I asked for help on the talk-us
mailing list.

I originally though the border was incorrect.  However, because the border
doesn't track exactly along the 49th parallel there appears to be some
administrative areas that don't match up with the actual border.  See

Paul Norman wrote:

On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 5:49 PM, Paul Norman <penorman at mac.com> wrote:

The survey points are based on IBC data (which they view as PD) and are
supposed to be accurate within a few cm and the limits of NAD83 to WGS84
conversion (a few more cm).


I've verified a few by the lower mainland with survey and against a few
sources of accurate imagery and their data seems accurate within the limits
of the imagery.


You can see a clearing along parts of the border in that area so it's
accurate to within 20 meters.


I know that Washington State argued that they were not responsible for the
border costs in Blaine because it was not part of the state since the state
ended at the 49th parallel and the border is north of the 49th there.


What I'll do is go and eliminate duplicate border ways, like I did with the
lower mainland.

There is a large multipolygon with a source of "CanVec 6.0 - NRCan" that
should probably extend to the border. However I'm not sure. I'm wondering if
anyone in Canada could investigate. The area is defined as natural=wood. 

BTW - I'm using USDA National Forest Services Topo Maps to add in rivers,
streams, etc. I see streams coming into the US from BC, but we don't have
any corresponding stream in Washington.



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