[Talk-us] JOSM zoom limits per server solved (fixes Tiger grey overlay )

Mark Gray mark-osmus at hspf.com
Mon Sep 24 14:25:52 BST 2012

Do any tile generators create a description file that can be
retrieved? If not, does anyone here have any influence that could
get them to? For my program that displays tiles I keep a list of
tile servers. For each one I try to populate the following fields:

Server Name:     Label to show user when selecting a tile server
Link:		 URL of "home page" of the server
TileURLPattern:	 URL containing X, Y, Zoom, etc. to be substituted
WebmapURLPattern: URL pattern for opening a web page at a Lat/Lon/Zoom
Copyright:	 Copyright notice to be displayed with these tiles
ZoomMin, ZoomMax: range of zoom levels available
LatMin, LatMax, LonMin, LonMax: geographic area covered
Transparent: flag to tell that tiles are transparent

For example:
(C) OpenStreetMap contributors
0, 18
(since this server covers the whole world no lat/lon limits)

It seems like any tile generating software should be able to
automatically populate a small text file with at least the zoom
and lat/long bounds of the set of tiles available. These are facts
about a tile server that change periodically and it would be nice
if the server itself could tell us what the current values are
since they are hard to automatically discover.

If you are curious, my list of server descriptions (which probably
contains outdated information) is at:

My tile map display software (Windows, VB.Net) is at:

Mark Gray

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